Virtual replace racing?

Will Virtual Horse Racing Replace Real Horse Racing in the Future?

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We are knee-deep into what can only be described as the "digital era." Computer science and digital technology are rapidly developing new innovations. From virtual and augmented reality, to artificial intelligence, to smartphones that have replaced computers, our world is dominated by science. And naturally, this has an impact on every aspect of our lives.

Medicine is a lot more advanced than ever. Communication is easier than it has ever been. And of course, the entertainment industry is thriving. Arguably, we have reached a point in our scientific development that, once upon a time, could only have been fantasized about by science fiction authors.

Impact on Betting

One industry that has thrived thanks to technological development is the betting industry. Wagering on sports or games has long been a source of entertainment for many. However, in the 1990s, when digital technology hit its first peak, bettors were first introduced to online bookmakers.

Online bookies often offer enhanced services compared to their land-based counterparts. A key difference is that you can access these websites using a PC or a smartphone. Meaning, prospective bettors can wager from anywhere, including their home or the café. Best of all, new betting sites launching every year offer excellent promotions and bonuses, making the practice a lot simpler and more exciting.

There is a relatively new option in the horse racing and sports betting world in 2023. That is virtual horse racing. In this article, we explore the relevance of virtual horse racing, and whether it will replace real horse racing in the future.

What is Virtual Horse Racing?

Virtual horse racing is precisely what it sounds like. A virtual representation of the hugely popular horse racing format. Bookies create a virtual representation of a race, based on a random number draw, wherein each number represents one of the horses. In order to accurately and fairly represent the odds, horses with lesser odds have more numbers representing them in the draw. Bookies then digitally render the horses, jockeys, tracks, and the race itself, creating a surprisingly exciting experience for fans and punters alike.

Virtual Horse Racing Odds

With the current options, virtual horse racing odds are often slightly more house-oriented. Meaning, on average a gambler tends to have less favourable odds on virtual horse racing, compared to real racing (due to an overall higher margin taken by the bookie). Still, the practice is growing in popularity despite the less favourable odds. Close to 5 million spectators tuned in to the virtual Grand National. So, an interesting question is why do some punters enjoy virtual racing?

Virtual Grand National 2023

Reasons Virtual Horse Racing is Popular

One of the reasons for virtual horse racing’s popularity is that it is still relatively new for some. Another reason is that virtual horse racing is fun. If you are a fan of horse racing, you may enjoy virtual horse racing. After all, the races can look surprisingly similar (see images above and below). Except, the races are rendered digitally. Some might believe this makes the races less exciting. However, to many, the technology behind the races are just as fascinating as the races themselves.

Real-Life Grand National 2023

Also, there is no knowledge barrier to entry. Meaning, you don’t need to know anything about form or racing stats to get involved. Lastly, virtual horse racing is, obviously, a lot safer than real horse racing. The athletes, both equestrian and human, are digitally rendered. Meaning, nobody can get hurt. For some, this makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable. So, we ask again, could virtual horse racing replace the sport proper?

Could Virtual Horse Racing Replace Real Horse Racing?

It is hard to say what will happen in the future. One hundred years ago, nobody could have imagined that we’d all be connected through a "world wide web." So, maybe one hundred years from now all sports will be virtual, and that will simply be the new status quo. However, as for the near future, we’re pretty sure real racing is here to stay.

The Future of Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing may have a bright future ahead of it. It has already garnered a growing following, with millions of interested observers tuning in to watch the Virtual grand national. As digital tech advances, it is almost certain that bookies and programmers will continue to evolve the offering and improve the odds. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if virtual horse racing does continue to grow.


Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world. Played since the Ancient world, the sport has endured millennia, only to remain one of the most popular betting sports of all time. So, it is no surprise that the developments in technology have led to new and exciting ways to enjoy the sport. With virtual horse racing becoming more popular, many are excited to see what the future holds for the sport. Some even believe that all races will be virtually rendered in the future. However don’t expect that to be any time soon.

If you do decide to try betting on virtual racing - or any other form of betting or gaming, the most important conclusion is to always keep it fun. It’s absolutely key that you never bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose.